tymxthe-hated-1s asked:
You continue to play games... this funny?

What on earth are you talking about breh?

noirgod asked:
how do you feel about the comparisons between you and Jhene Aiko?

I think had I been signed to any other label this wouldn’t even be a viable discussion. I encourage people to not bite the bait . We’re both women we do different things she’s incredibly talented in her own right people should just enjoy us as we are .
I’m just me

amour-toxiques asked:
I'm probably just another fan but I truly enjoy your music. I ordered an autographed copy of Z and I literally cried when it came in the mail. I can 100% relate to you. I come from a very strick Muslim background and still living though it, I'll be studying at Berklee College of Music to become an Engineer in the future. You're truly an inspiration. Much love.

Bless you I’m so so glad you allowed me into your mind to share space and create comfort inshah Allah we’ll meet in person . Bless

scrfcshwty asked:
Hey love.. Your lyrics, your message, your thoughts, your music overall to me is just?? Porn. Spiritual porn. It touches the soul that I can hardly find. I'm so connected. I love you for that. I'm so in awe of your talent and your light. You are beautiful inside and out. I can't wait to just meet you someday and speak to you in person and I'm craving to feel your energy live.. Any album promo/shows in NYC anytime soon? Random. We're the same age and same sign ;p Scorpnation! ✊ Xoxo. - Kiera

Spiritual porn is such a fly thing to say . Thank you so much ! … Comming to New York this week actually !!

kidsveryowndreams asked:
when will you ever come tour to South Africa?

Lordy I sure hope so






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I don’t really fuck with anything anymore .
Don’t believe in anything
Really meant anyone *
Myself first
Being “anti” is so over saturated but it’s just my auto pilot .
Sue me

Fuck every sample I couldn’t clear that ruined #Z