Just so we clear #Ferguson is ABSOLUTELY about race I was merely noting the insanity of granting Martial Law and it’s true foreshadowing. Meaning that the presence of a true government agenda was deeper than color I posted that photo of a white woman being kicked in the face by an officer simply to express that when THOSE people have free reign over civilians we are all in danger . Martial Law represents total control especially for the defenseless . This in no way negates the issue of color also at hand. I posted that photo while watching msnbc and having a discussion in person w friends and on twitter without giving the tumblr community a proper backstory. I know your angry but assumptions and misdirected anger towards your own people isn’t the answer . These are MY people you don’t think I know what hurt and passion for change and equality feels like ? I’m a 165 lb dark skinned woman struggling in white America. Stop trying to make us different for the sake of frustration. I mentioned earlier that I’ve been saddened by ALL spectrums of hate and death be it black on black or white on black my mother raised me to believe ALL lives are valuable. Stating that the governments response to a peaceful protest defending the MURDER of a young black man is to deploy military grade soldiers should terrify us all . This is all I meant. I’m aware some of you will find a way to turn this into something negative as well . So be it #clarificationisthekey

momma was right…no faith

"There’s comfort in dying"

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Comfort in burning

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differentypeofcin asked:
How peaceful was it to hang in a treehouse and forget the world for a couple of days?

….next time I go I’m not comming back .

I’m never going to hate myself


ever. in life. never.

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I love you 💕 are you going to be performing at the made in America festival?

Hellllll yeassssssss

sittingonthestarss asked:
I just wanna say thank you so much for your music and positivity. I discovered you weeks ago and fell in love the second I heard Time Travel Undone. on all of your tracks, the lyrics make me feel like there is someone out there who can actually relate to me and things I go through. I wish you nothing but success & you are such an overwhelming inspiration.

Bless you so much for that

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are you still Muslim?

We were all born Muslim …